If Love Affairs You Like

Margaret Belanger Photography | If Love Affairs You Like

Blog posts are coming out of the woodwork now, I tell ya! I figured I should post Maggie & Bonnie-Jeanne’s engagement session before I posted their wedding photos. We just spent a couple of hours one fall afternoon hanging around in places that are special to them – their house and yard, the local pond.…

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You're Every Line, You're Every Word

Margaret Belanger Photography | You're Every Line, You're Every Word

Isobel and Jimmy got married this past fall and I am just now getting around to posting some of their images. Better late than never, right? I am so lucky to work with such wonderful and in-love couples. Isobel is a kindred spirit when it comes to movies and awards season, so it was a…

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Raise Your Hopeful Voice

Margaret Belanger Photography | Raise Your Hopeful Voice

This past week we celebrated Doug’s birthday and for his present, I got him tickets to see The Swell Season at Radio City Music Hall. I don’t even know where to begin; we had such an amazing New York City adventure. Radio City Music Hall was exquisite. The inside was so opulent – every little…

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Butterflies Are Free To Fly

Margaret Belanger Photography | Butterflies Are Free To Fly

Now that it’s January and the holidays are over, as are all the weddings, I’m finally going through all my busy season shoots to find the sessions I never blogged. This little baby killed me with how cute she was! When you get to play with babies and dress them up in fun hats, it’s…

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All That I Have Are These To Remember You

Margaret Belanger Photography | All That I Have Are These To Remember You

I just got back yesterday from a photography conference/convention/seminar that just overloaded my brain with so much information. I kid you not, we were listening to speakers from 9:30a to 12:30a with a break for lunch and a break for dinner. It was insane, but also entirely energizing and inspiring. I could list every speaker…

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