Hot Town, Summer In The City

Margaret Belanger Photography | Hot Town, Summer In The City

It was one of those super hot and sticky days that made you want to put your cheek on a cool marble floor and just stay there. And we were going hiking! Mind you, I’m a poor hiker on the best of days, never mind in 100 degree weather. But, we were totally game. Especially…

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You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

Margaret Belanger Photography | You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

This little one is going to be celebrating her christening soon and her family wanted some formal portraits in her christening gown. What a beautiful dress! What a beautiful baby! What a beautiful sofa! A photographer’s dream. I loved the way the photos have a vintage feel to them (thanks to the aforementioned dress &…

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It's Raining Men

Margaret Belanger Photography | It's Raining Men

I love going to my clients’ houses and photographing their families right after they bring their new little ones home. It’s always such an exciting time! This family had just welcomed their third son. It’s always fun to see how siblings react to their new baby brothers/sisters. Sort of an “I won’t sit with you,…

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Life's A Happy Game

Margaret Belanger Photography | Life's A Happy Game

Every photo session brings surprises! I had a wonderful session photographing Ebby’s owner for her business and at the end, Ebby got her own impromptu shoot! She’s a 9 yr old rescue dog and so good natured. I loved these photos and couldn’t resist posting a couple! Don’t you want to be the recipient of…

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I Want To Be The One To Walk In The Sun

Margaret Belanger Photography | I Want To Be The One To Walk In The Sun

Her favorite nickname for me is “the anal dictator” because apparently she thinks I’m bossy. She likes to drape herself all over me and call me “sis” because she knows it drives me crazy. But, I guess that’s what little sisters are for, even when there’s a 16 year age difference. Tessa is going to…

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