Your Portrait Fills the Sky

Margaret Belanger Photography | Your Portrait Fills the Sky

I photographed babies M & M when they were only nine days old! There was Little Girl M and Little Boy M. Plus, big sister A! Talk about a house full of love! So many people to hug and cuddle. Twins! Little Boy M looks so serene in this photo. He’s just checking me out…

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I Seem To Lean on Old Familiar Ways

Margaret Belanger Photography | I Seem To Lean on Old Familiar Ways

My father informed me today that it had been a while since I posted anything, so I thought it was about time to share this adventure with you. If you follow me on facebook or twitter, you probably read an abbreviated account. If you’ve bumped into me in the past couple of weeks, you probably…

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All Caught Up in the Reverie

Margaret Belanger Photography | All Caught Up in the Reverie

It took a while to find a decent day, but Hannah & Rob finally got their engagement session! They chose the Charlestown Navy Yard for their location and it was perfect. Green space, brick space, water space, and the city skyline. Not too shabby. One of my favorites! I love the quiet moments. I know…

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Let All the Dreamers Wake the Nation

Margaret Belanger Photography | Let All the Dreamers Wake the Nation

I went to do a corporate headshot session today and look what I found waiting for me! Baby E is just two weeks old today and she was in the office with mommy. I couldn’t resist snagging a couple of photos of her. This is how the conversation went:Me: “Can I photocopy your baby?”Mom: Blank…

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We Are All Born Superstars

Margaret Belanger Photography | We Are All Born Superstars

Oh, you want to use that brick wall as a background? And that means we have to perch your newborn baby on the back of the couch? I’m in! I love how small newborns look when they’re held in big hands! Beautiful little girl. First family portrait. I first photographed A & F this past…

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Here's Your Miracle

Margaret Belanger Photography | Here's Your Miracle

Once upon a time, there was a girl who didn’t eat fish. Then one day, she discovered the haddock at Coda in Boston’s South End. This girl went from having a polite bite to eating the entire dish! Chef Charlie Redd converted me with this delicious food. This was the first time I ate haddock…

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Two Branches of One Tree

Margaret Belanger Photography | Two Branches of One Tree

These are some more of my second shooter images. They’re from a winter wedding I photographed with Kristin Chalmers Photography. As a second shooter, you have to be particularly good with people. Unlike the primary photographer, who has most likely spoken to the bride & groom multiple times before the wedding, the second shooter is…

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So High, You Got Me Movin'

Margaret Belanger Photography | So High, You Got Me Movin'

When I met Kim Marden, he was wearing a Dave Mason concert t-shirt and I knew we would get along! He runs Captain Marden’s Seafoods. I got to visit their wholesale facility where they prepare all the fresh fish before they get sent to the different restaurants. They also have a restaurant & shop in…

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While the Ocean Blooms

Margaret Belanger Photography | While the Ocean Blooms

I had a vision. Nature had other plans.Sarah’s maternity session was supposed to be outside in the woods, but the day of our session was wicked windy and Sarah was battling a cold, and there was no way I was forcing anyone to leave the warm house! So, what do we do? Make the best…

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