Second Shooting: Our Lives Have Just Begun

The bride getting ready, holding her veil

This is another post featuring photos I took while second shooting. I’ve professed my love of second shooting before, so I won’t extoll its virtues yet again, but I will profess my love for second shooting with Rich and Ashley of Pizzuti Studios. I’ve known them for years, and in fact, we worked at a…

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Hollywood History: The Days Go By So Fast

Margaret Belanger Photography | Hollywood History: The Days Go By So Fast

Back to Los Angeles…now where were we? Life in Los Angeles was a pretty big adjustment for a girl who had spent her whole life in the Northeast. I was lucky, though; being in school gave me a built-in way to meet new people, to have new experiences, and to basically make the transition easier.…

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Chocolate Cake: You're My Favorite Work of Art

Chocolate cake with raspberries on a heart plate

So, all of this food photography occasionally prompts ME to actually cook something. On this occasion, I BAKED. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m much more of a “let’s throw everything in this one pan with some olive oil and call it dinner” kind of girl. My dinners are usually delicious, but they’re not very…

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