2020 Summer Sessions: Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid

Boy lying down with colorful legos all around his headIt has been so long since I’ve blogged, I don’t even know where to begin. To recap, I was exposed to Covid-19 way back in the beginning of it all and spent all of March (and the first few days of April) essentially isolated in my bedroom. It was rough. But I was definitely one of the lucky ones! Much like everyone else, I have spent quarantine worried and then energized and then worried and then unfocused and then energized and then lazy, rinse and repeat. The one thing that hasn’t wavered is that I miss seeing people. I miss seeing my family regularly. I miss seeing my friends. And I miss seeing my clients.

After a few months of being on some version of lockdown, Massachusetts has started to open up. That means Margaret Belanger Photography is now officially up and running, but with some added precautions.

Here are the **Covid-19 precautions** I’ll be taking:

– All of our sessions will be held outside, just like they usually are, and we will reschedule when there’s bad weather. Even newborn sessions will be outside for now!
– We will only use parks and outdoor spaces that are legally open to the public.
– Clients will be asked to monitor their temperature the day before the session, and the morning of. I will do the same. Any other person accompanying me (assistant, etc.) that day will follow all the same guidelines.
– I will have disposable masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and a no-touch thermometer on-site for all sessions.
– I will wear a mask while I photograph and will use longer lenses so that I can stay at least 6′ away for most of the session.
– All sessions now include a virtual consultation so we can chat about your session ahead of time! We can plan out outfits, locations and shots, and you can tell me a little bit more about your family!
– As usual, if anyone is feeling sick, we can reschedule! This applies to anyone in the household, even if they’re not being photographed. And if I, or anyone in my family, feels sick, I will reach out to you and reschedule. Health and safety are my priorities.

*These are all subject to change as the MA health guidelines change. As we are all aware, this is an ever-evolving situation, so I am doing my best to follow the rules, and be flexible when I can be!

There has been talk about a virus spike when the weather gets colder. I know a lot of you wait until the fall for your sessions, but it might be a good idea to aim for a little earlier in the season, just in case. So if you usually procrastinate and end up with a November date, why not reach out and try for early September? At the very least, it gives us a little more buffer time in case of bad weather!


Drone shot of girls dressed up as Marvel superheroes

Since I haven’t been able to operate normally, The Mr. and I joined forces to do some socially-distanced drone portraits! They have been so fun. Essentially, I do all the scheduling and organizing and then send him out to fly/shoot. I love see what he comes back with! Cushing Memorial Park Framingham drone portrait of a mom reading to her two boys

If you’re still a little nervous about scheduling a session, maybe consider a drone portrait! Or, you can add one on to your regular photo session.

Drone portrait of a mom playing with her toddler son in Boston


To schedule your session, email me at hello@margaretbelanger.com!

Margaret Belanger Photography | 2020 Summer Sessions: Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid

Meg Belanger