Chocolate Cake: You're My Favorite Work of Art

So, all of this food photography occasionally prompts ME to actually cook something. On this occasion, I BAKED. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m much more of a “let’s throw everything in this one pan with some olive oil and call it dinner” kind of girl. My dinners are usually delicious, but they’re not very intricate and nor are they very photogenic. This time around, I opted for something that was a little bit of both! I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen, a wonderful food blog. Every time I end up on that site, I leave with a recipe I want to try out! This time around I made Everyday Chocolate Cake.Chocolate cake with raspberries on a heart plateChocolate cake slices with raspberriesChocolate cake with raspberries and blackberriesBerries and chocolate cake

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, so the Valentine’s decor was a lot more appropriate. Overall, I’d say the cake came out pretty well! It was really dense, so you definitely want a glass of milk to go along with it. Or maybe a dollop of whipped cream (which I don’t eat). I was just happy it looked pretty! I made Doug take most of it to work with him so we didn’t sit at home and eat it all by ourselves and he told me it was a big hit (although I suppose he could have been lying – how would I know?). It definitely wasn’t perfect (yet), but I’d say it was pretty good for someone in the habit of eyeballing food measurements!

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