About Meg


Hi, I'm Margaret (but everyone calls me Meg.)

I'm a wedding and family photographer in the Boston area.

I love capturing life’s stories, from getting married, to having kids, to simply laughing with the ones you love.

I believe in celebrating those real moments of connection and joy. I believe in celebrating the family chaos. I believe in group hugs and tearful wedding toasts and shared ice cream cones on a summer night. I believe love is love. I believe beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and religions. I believe that your photo albums are your histories and, therefore, your most valuable treasures. I believe in your big days and in your every days.

Ask how we can work together.


There are two things I know for sure about photography. You can never have enough photos of the people you love. And, you’ll never regret the photos you take – only the ones you don’t.

These are the fleeting moments we choose to capture, keep, print (yes, print!), and share from this lovely life, this simple life, this big life. These are the moments we will remember, and then remember all over again. Photographs are what we leave behind for our children. They are our diaries, our letters home, our prized possessions. They are our visual footprint.

Photography has evolved over the years from serious and stiff to free and creative. When we work together, you can expect to laugh, to hug, to hold hands, to whisper to each other, and yes, to occasionally smile directly at the camera. It should feel like hanging out with friends – casual, natural, and fun!


Let’s embrace the family chaos as much as the quiet connections, as we celebrate and capture these real moments together. The loud that comes with big families (and small ones), the never -ending toddler energy, the relationship between siblings, and the love between parents and children that never changes, whether the children are 2 or 42. I want to capture it all for your family.

Getting married, having kids, or simply laughing with the ones we love – these memories last a lifetime. They are your history-in-the-making and they deserve to be shared.

If you think my approach to wedding and family photography might be a fit for you, ask how we can get started.