Andy & Alli, Engagement Session: Light Up A Torch

You know how there always has to be the “cool kid” in every family? Well, as you can imagine, that wasn’t me. It was my brother. And to this day, he’s still one of the coolest people I know. My family is all very excited because he recently got engaged! We love his fiancee, of course. Really. I’m not just saying that because she might read this. They are awesome together. I definitely try to hang out with them whenever they let me. Some things never change.

On one of the only wintry days we’ve had so far, I took some engagement faux-tos for them (I just made that term up – this is why I’m not a cool kid). They will have their own amazing wedding photographer who will take amazing engagement photos for them at some point, but I was honored to snag a few early on!Happy couple engagement session in the Boston areaEngagement session at home in Winchester, MAWinter engagement session, just north of BostonBlack and white photo of couple during engagement sessionBackyard engagement session, lens flareBoston area engagement session in the backyardBoston area engagement session in a backyard, black and white photo of the couple


I took these photos way back in the spring of 2007! See? I told you nothing’s changed! (Except my blog – my blog has definitely changed)

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