Aruba Destination Wedding, Kristin & Peter: Cocktails and Moonlit Nights

This summer I was lucky enough to travel down to Aruba to photograph Kristin and Peter’s island wedding! The Mr. and I were there to capture everything from the Welcome Dinner to the Snorkeling Excursion to the wedding itself. It was amazing. There are plenty of benefits to hiring a photographer from your home base and bringing them to your destination wedding. For one, Kristin and I got to meet up a handful of times to grab coffee and talk shop. We even got to include the men! By the time we arrived in Aruba, we were all comfortable with each other. Since destination weddings tend to be more intimate, knowing your photographer helps keep that feeling. We were also able to cover the other events happening over the course of the week, which means that even though guests had their own cameras, they knew that someone was there photographing all the fun and that they didn’t have to worry about it. Flying down a few days before the wedding day also meant we got to meet, socialize with, and photograph the other guests. By the time the actual wedding day rolled around, everyone knew both me and Doug. We truly felt like part of the family!

The wedding ceremony was held on Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island. This little island is owned by the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Aruba, but you don’t need to stay at the hotel to have your wedding on the island. It is pretty amazing! There are lizards and flamingoes everywhere!

The reception was held under the stars, with twinkly lights to set the mood. Hurricane Ernesto threatened to derail the day, but besides a little drizzle, everything went off without a hitch! It was a beautiful night. I have a feeling that Kristin and Peter could have chosen any location for their wedding and they would have been surrounded by just as much fun, just as much beauty, and just as much love!

Colorful wedding bouquet, Aruba destination weddingWedding dress, Aruba destination weddingBride getting ready, Divi Phoenix Resort, ArubaBride putting in her earring, Divi Phoenix Resort, Aruba destination weddingBride and family getting ready at the Divi Phoenix Resort, ArubaWedding ceremony, Flamingo Beach, ArubaFather walking bride down the aisle, Flamingo Beach, ArubaBride walking down the aisle, destination wedding ArubaBride and groom, wedding ceremony, Renaissance IslandBride and groom during wedding ceremony, Renaissance IslandWedding ceremony, Renaissance Island, ArubaGuests feeding the flamingoes on Flamingo Beach, Renaissance Island, ArubaPortrait of the bride and groom with palm trees, Flamingo Beach, ArubaBride and groom at sunset, Renaissance Island, ArubaBride and groom portraits, Renaissance Island, ArubaBride and groom at sunset, Flamingo Beach, ArubaBride and groom on beach with flamingoes, Aruba destination weddingWedding rings on a hermit crab, Aruba destination wedding
First dance, Aruba destination wedding, Renaissance IslandGuests dancing at Renaissance Island wedding reception, ArubaGuests dancing, Renaissance Island wedding reception, ArubaBride and groom backlit, dancing at Renaissance Island wedding reception, ArubaCongratulations to Kristin and Peter! The Mr. and I were so honored to be part of your wedding celebration!


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