Aruba Destination Wedding: Takin' Care To Look For Sharks

It’s time to post photos from the wedding I photographed in Aruba! Finally! I got a little behind with the wedding blogging and I’m so happy to be up and running again with this one. It was such a special week. The day before Kristin and Peter tied the knot, we all went on an amazing snorkeling excursion! Now, if you know me, you know that the open sea and I are not close friends. I have been snorkeling once before and I might have freaked out just a little and hightailed it back on the boat. This time, armed with a camera, I found it much easier to be in the water. But I found it much MUCH easier for the Mr to be in the ocean with the camera! Come to find out, he is the stronger underwater photographer! He took all of the photos in the second set (because I may have gotten too scared to stay in the water). I love them. It’s also possible that all these photos look like they came straight out of a horror movie…

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Margaret Belanger Photography | Aruba Destination Wedding: Takin' Care To Look For Sharks

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