Baby C, Boston Newborn Photography: Now We've Just Begun

Babies make the best faces ever and Baby C was no exception. Oh my goodness! I loved every single one! Now, I’ve known his mom since we were in high school. She was in my 9th grade biology class. I’m pretty sure I have a photo of us dissecting a frog. Suffice to say, we go way back. Now I get to see her as a mom to two adorable children! This little guy is only five weeks old in these photos. I swear this is the day he truly started smiling. I have way too many photos of him with a little smile on his face for it to have been a coincidence.  Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Newborn baby boy, looking up

Full body photograph of a newborn baby boyBaby brother and his big sister, BostonBaby boy and his big sister, black and white, BostonBoston, portrait of a baby boy, on blueBaby boy in a blue hat, BostonOkay, so the next photo is kind of an “outtake.” It’s totally silly and not really composed all that well, but I just love everything that’s going on in the photo. I love his goofy smiley expression, but I also love the action in the background.  His sister is mid-air on her way to the bed – there’s just the tiniest hint of danger. Ha!

Silly outtake of baby boyIsn’t she absolutely beautiful? Portrait of a little girl, Boston, black and whiteLook at the way he is looking at his big sister! It is priceless!Big sister holding her baby brother on a bed, Boston

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Margaret Belanger Photography | Baby C, Boston Newborn Photography: Now We've Just Begun

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