Baby's First Year

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Raising tiny humans is HARD and the time goes by so quickly – some days there isn’t enough time to shower, never mind schedule a photography session! With our Baby’s First Year plan, we take some of the guesswork out of it! It’s a wonderful way to celebrate your baby’s milestones, and how far you’ve come as a family. The photos captured at each session will be loved by your family forever.

The Baby’s First Year booking investment is $2000 and includes THREE photo sessions:

  • ŸNewborn (typically in baby’s first two weeks)
  • ŸSitting Up (around 6-8 months)
  • ŸFirst Birthday (11-13 months old)

Newborn Session

Babies change so quickly, especially when they’re so young! This session captures all those tiny fingers and all that wispy hair and all those little wrinkles for you. All of this changes in the blink of an eye, so we schedule the sessions for the first couple of weeks. We base the date of the session on your due date and adjust accordingly once your little one arrives. Newborns are usually photographed in simple onesies, swaddled in your favorite blanket, or in just their diaper.

Your Newborn Session includes:

  • ŸNewborn and parents and siblings
  • Ÿa 2-hour session at your home, allowing plenty of time for extra cuddles and feedings
  • ŸStudio-style poses, as well as more candid photos of you as a family
  •    20 edited digital files

Sitting Up Session

Oh my goodness, babies are so adorable at this age! They have little personalities and they smile and laugh and make tons of funny faces. This is a great time to capture them before they’re totally on the go!

Your Sitting-Up Session includes:

  • ŸBaby and parents and siblings
  • Ÿa 1-hour session at your home or location of your choice
  •     20 edited digital files

First Birthday Session

Surviving that first year is definitely a reason to celebrate! At this point, your baby is most likely on the move, maybe even walking! They are pulling themselves up on your furniture and everyone in the house is exhausted! Every day brings a new little milestone – a first word, clapping, standing, walking, waving – and we want to document all of that joy and excitement for you!

Your First Birthday Session includes:

  • ŸBaby and parents and siblings
  • Ÿa 1- to 2-hour session at your home or at a location of your choice
  • ŸLifestyle family photos
  • ŸCake smash photos*
  •     20 edited digital files

* We realize that parents like to monitor the ingredients their babies put in their bodies, and for that reason, the cake smash cake is supplied by the parents.

At the end of this session, we will create your much-anticipated 10-page 8x8 album featuring your favorite photos from our three sessions together. Additional pages can, of course, be added.

If you want to add sessions to your plan (i.e. maternity or holiday), each additional session is $150.


Terms and Conditions

  • Your Baby’s First Year investment includes 3 sessions, a $50 credit at each, and the 15-page heirloom album. It does not include any additional prints or digital files. Parents use their credit towards purchasing those after each individual session.
  • Payment is required up front and in full to guarantee session availability.
    All appointments must be scheduled at the same time following the birth of your baby.
  • We understand that emergencies (and sicknesses!) occur, so we allot one reschedule per session. Any further cancellations result in forfeiture of that session.
  • All Baby’s First Year sessions must occur before the baby is 15 months old.
  • No substitutions of sessions or products are available in this program. The Baby’s First Year Plan is non-transferrable.
  • For the best possible outcome for your exclusive sessions:
    • The first appointment must occur when the baby is under six weeks.
    • The second appointment must occur during the “sitting up” stage and before crawling (6-8 months, approx.).
    • The third appointment must occur right around your baby’s first birthday (11-13 months).