Bala Brass Headshots: Song Is In My Soul

A few weeks ago, I photographed the brass quintet Bala Brass in Boston, up in the Boston University area. Bala Brass performs everywhere from the suburbs of Boston to Japan, and they even teach music. I originally met Kristen a few years ago when I second shot her wedding with Rachel, who has since moved to the Pacific Northwest and generously passed my name along. This group was wonderful to work with – so funny and friendly and very very talented. These are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

Portrait of Bala Brass, a brass quintet, at BUPortrait of Bala Brass, BostonSilhouette photo of Bala Brass, brass quintetBala Brass headshots, BostonThis photo is actually an updated version of one Rachel took for the band a while back. They loved the original so much, they wanted something similar with the latest members. I’m partial to Kristen’s kickass leopard-print heels myself!Black & white photo of feet, Bala Brass

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