Connecticut Bed & Breakfast Wedding, Krista & Jack

Krista and Jack’s wedding took place on a gorgeous fall day at the Bee and Thistle Inn, a quaint and beautiful bed & breakfast in Connecticut. They chose that location because that was where they first met! Krista is a super-talented musician and was at the Inn to play a show and Jack was the magical man behind the bar, crafting all the lovely concoctions for the patrons to drink.

In keeping with the intimacy of the venue, Krista & Jack kept their ceremony super-small. Their immediate families were there to see them exchange vows and then celebrate with a delicious dinner prepared by the inn. It was the perfect way to allow the bride & groom to really savor the day and spend time with all of their guests. They planned a larger party for the following day (and I will share those photos next!).

I have known Krista since 2004 and she is absolutely one of my most favorite people in the world. We have laughed together, cried together, survived together, and thrived together. We have been each other’s biggest cheerleaders when it’s easy for small artists to fall through the cracks. And Jack just makes her so happy. They make each other happy. Which makes *me* happy. It was an absolute joy and an honor for The Mr. and I to photograph their wedding (The Mr. even got to do a little drone work!). We worked alongside videographer Emily Ashman of Tritown Productions and we had so much fun collaborating with each other.  Here are A LOT of my favorite photos from Day One of Krista & Jack’s wedding weekend!

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