Recent Shoots

Drone portrait of woman walking on a tennis court

Drone Portraits on a Tennis Court: What Goes Up, Must Come Down

January 19, 2021

One of the nice things about taking cool drone portraits of your sister is that when your son crashes the session, she doesn’t mind! Tessa is always up for some cool photo collaborations, even when they involve a toddler. I bought cases of tennis balls (which have since found good homes) to spread out around…

Boy lying down with colorful legos all around his head

2020 Summer Sessions: Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid

June 12, 2020

It has been so long since I’ve blogged, I don’t even know where to begin. To recap, I was exposed to Covid-19 way back in the beginning of it all and spent all of March (and the first few days of April) essentially isolated in my bedroom. It was rough. But I was definitely one…

Big brother cuddling newborn sister in Medford Newborn session

Medford Newborn Session, Baby R: Sweetest Little Part of Destiny

March 4, 2020

How lucky am I to have clients that invite me into their homes to photograph their brand new babies?! I first met this family when I photographed L’s newborn photos, so I was honored when they invited me back to photograph Baby R!  Big Brother L doted on his tiny little sister! He loved snuggling…

Bride and Groom exchange rings in a Princeton, NJ wedding ceremony

Princeton, NJ Wedding, Magdalena & Gabriel: Like Stars Brightly Beaming

March 2, 2020

Magdalena & Gabriel met during a music theory class in college. Gabriel very sweetly claims it was love at first sight. They spent time that spring walking around campus, engaged in passionate discussions about music. That is when Magdalena claims they fell in love. Both answers seem pretty perfect (and sweet) to me. Their souls…

Tiffany Ballroom Four Points Norwood Wedding

Tiffany Ballroom Norwood Wedding, Shannon & John: Your Heart Is All I Own

February 27, 2020

Learning each couple’s unique love story is one of the best parts of this gig. Shannon and John first locked eyes at a mutual friend’s 40th birthday party. They struck up a conversation about the Pope of all things and John impressed Shannon with his way of thinking. John claims his first thought about Shannon…

Brigham and Women's Hospital Fresh 48 newborn session

Brigham And Women’s Fresh 48 Session, Baby C: Each Page Begins With You

February 11, 2020

Ooh! There is nothing like the furrowed brow of a baby who is mere hours old! Since I had photographed Brian and Chelsey’s maternity session, it was so exciting to be there with them to celebrate their family of two becoming a family of three. Although, they may argue that they were already a family…

Sunrise Maternity session in the Boston Public Gardens

Boston Public Garden Maternity Session: And I Think It’s Gonna Be A Long Long Time

July 26, 2019

If you prefer less of a crowd at your photo session and you love good light, I can’t recommend early-morning sessions enough! This early-morning maternity session ran on lots of smiles (and probably some coffee). But I knew going into it that I was dealing with morning people, and it was fabulous having one of…

Infant in his crib, below his mobile

Reading Newborn Session, Baby L: The Sunlight In Your Universe

July 19, 2019

I photographed this munchkin when he was still in the hospital, so it was wonderful to visit him at home a couple of months later! Babies change so much early on – it’s amazing to compare his Fresh 48 photos to these ones! Don’t you just want to eat him up??

Brigham and Women's Fresh 48 session, baby swaddled in bassinet

Brigham and Women’s Fresh 48 Session, Baby A: Lullabies Go On and On

July 18, 2019

Fresh 48 Sessions have taken hold of my heart! These little babies yawn and cry and sleep. They stretch their little arms and their little legs. They pucker their lips and furrow their brows. Sometimes they even open their eyes. This little guy did all of the above, and looked adorable doing it. Don’t you…