Recent Shoots

Infant in his crib, below his mobile

Reading Newborn Session, Baby L: The Sunlight In Your Universe

July 19, 2019

I photographed this munchkin when he was still in the hospital, so it was wonderful to visit him at home a couple of months later! Babies change so much early on – it’s amazing to compare his Fresh 48 photos to these ones! Don’t you just want to eat him up??

Brigham and Women's Fresh 48 session, baby swaddled in bassinet

Brigham and Women’s Fresh 48 Session, Baby A: Lullabies Go On and On

July 18, 2019

Fresh 48 Sessions have taken hold of my heart! These little babies yawn and cry and sleep. They stretch their little arms and their little legs. They pucker their lips and furrow their brows. Sometimes they even open their eyes. This little guy did all of the above, and looked adorable doing it. Don’t you…

Minute Man National Park winter family session

Minute Man National Park Family Session: Sometimes the Snow Comes Down in June

July 16, 2019

I know it’s now July, but I didn’t want to change the lyrics. Another snowy day at Minute Man National Park. This time I got to photograph these goofballs! Brothers always know how to get their sisters to giggle. It usually involves silly faces, tickling, and maybe some butt pinching. I mean, I’m just guessing,…

Charlestown newborn session, sister and baby brother

Charlestown Family Session: Home in the Sky

May 27, 2019

Well, if this doesn’t make you want two kids, I don’t know what will! This big sister LOVED being in photos with her new little brother and it just made my heart swell! I love when siblings want to be part of the session, so Big Sister posed for her own photos, too! This snuggly…

Minute Man National Park Lexington family session

Minute Man National Park Family Session: My Arms Will Hold You

May 24, 2019

Remember when there was snow on the ground? I’m pretty sure it could have been just last week in some parts of the state – this has been a weird spring! I met up with this cute family before the holidays for a little session. Their little guy was so sweet! I loved his serious…

Thompson Island Boston Harbor same sex wedding, wedding ceremony, brides walking back down aisle

Thompson Island Boston Harbor Wedding, Jen & Hala: I’ll Unfold Before You

May 22, 2019

Jen & Hala’s voices rang out as they joined the chorus for a song. Despite Hala losing her voice the night before, it seemed the hot tea and whispering and determination cured it all. It’s not every day I witness my wedding couples singing during their own wedding ceremony, but then again, this was a…

Wright-Locke Farm Winchester family session

Wright-Locke Farm Fall Family Session: Laughing Has Always Been Our Game

May 20, 2019

Don’t let the short sleeves fool you – these kids braved some chilly temperatures at Wright-Locke Farm for these photos! I first photographed this family when the oldest was a newborn and I’ve done newborn photos and family photos for them every year since! They are such great kids. And although I’m sure they squabble…

Winchester Center Fall Family Session: You Can Learn How To Be You In Time

May 10, 2019

This spring has thus far felt a little too much like fall for my liking. So if I’m going to make the best of it, I’m going to share some fall photos! I have been photographing these cuties since they were wee little things! You might not be able tell, but there is a set…

Back Bay engagement session

Back Bay Boston Engagement Session, Danielle & Marcel: You’ve Got That Hold Over Me

May 8, 2019

Marathon Monday, a day that brings people all over the city together to celebrate the strength of the human spirit and endurance. It was also the day these two lovebirds locked eyes. Not across a crowded room, but across roof decks. They were each attending separate parties at their friends’ apartments. Marcel caught sight of…