Boston Branding Headshot Session, Modern Muse Boudoir

People rarely like having their photo taken. All we want to do is pick apart our insecurities when we see what we look like in photos. So imagine how difficult it can be to put yourself out there for boudoir photos. However, when you work with Boston boudoir photographer Allana Taranto of Modern Muse Boudoir, the biggest leap is that first inquiry. She makes everything else easy and fun. She works with every person so they see their own beauty and strength and sensuality. It is an amazing experience. And I can say that because she photographed me many years ago so I know firsthand.

When you follow Allana on Instagram, she shares all sorts of tips and tricks for poses (even if you’re doing them at home for your phone camera). Another thing that makes Allana an amazing photographer is that she understands her subjects and their vulnerabilities and she doesn’t hesitate to put herself in front of the camera. She never asks people to do things she wouldn’t be comfortable doing.. And she photographs ALL people, because boudoir photography is not an experience limited to the straight or the thin or the female. Everyone is welcome(couples, too)! So if you’ve ever been curious about boudoir photos, reach out!

It was a joy to have her in front of *my* camera for some branding headshots.

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Meg Belanger

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