Boston Branding Session, Fashion Stylist Edition at the Boston Public Garden

When I first met Annette, I was probably wearing pigtails and oversized jeans and a giant Eagle 93.7 t-shirt. And somehow, we ended up friends! Both of us interned at Eagle 93.7 (RIP) and Mix 98.5 over the summer of 1997. She was way cooler than I was (as were most people). She had an awesome boyfriend (spoiler alert: they got married!) while I just crushed on guys from a distance. Flash forward a bunch of years and she walked into the photo studio I worked at with her baby daughter! Such a coincidence! And then, at some point, Facebook came into the mix. I know FB can be evil, but it definitely reconnected me with some long-lost friends.

Annette started working as a personal stylist. Her job was to help people look and feel their best. Sometimes that meant shopping in their own closets. Sometimes it meant going on a shopping trip. She reached out to me for some updated photos of herself she could use on her own social media. We hit up the Public Garden one early morning and really made the best of it.


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