Boston Business Headshots, MGC Coaching: The Boss Is Already There

These days, everyone needs a current headshot. Whether it’s for your company’s PR, LinkedIn, a dating site, or even just Facebook, having a quality updated photo of yourself can be really helpful. It’s not just for real estate agents anymore! Although I don’t often blog a lot of my headshot sessions, I love doing them. When Mo approached me about getting some new business photos, it was the perfect opportunity to find out a little more about what he does.

So, please let me introduce you to Mo.

Mo runs MGC Coaching. It is a career coaching company that helps people going through a career change figure out what they want to do and how to find their ideal job. Changing careers can be difficult and overwhelming (as most of us can attest to) and Mo helps people get over their challenges and take the right steps towards getting a new career. Sounds pretty good to me!


When I asked Mo why he needed new photos, he told me he had just finished creating a brand new website for his company and he wanted new headshots to go along with it. He said, “I didn’t have any recent photos and felt it was important to have a photo that represented where I am right now in my career.” As a business owner, it’s always beneficial to have a fresh headshot. You always need to stay current, and photos can help you do that.  I also meet a lot of people who end up needing headshots because their boss needs a recent photo of them for a newsletter or a presentation – it makes things much easier when you have one ready to go!


In what little spare time Mo has, he LOVES hanging out with his little baby girl. Although I guess she’s not such a tiny baby anymore – she’s almost ONE! Weekends are devoted to family time since so much of the week is dedicated to work. I think most of us can identify with balancing work and family/social life.



Thanks so much to Mo for taking time out to answer my questions, even the silly ones (his favorite ice cream is anything chocolate!). If you need career coaching, you should definitely reach out to him. Not only is he great at what he does, but he’s an all-around awesome human being. And if you’re someone who could use some new headshots, you should definitely reach out to me.

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