Boston Fall Family Session: And I Keep Singing

There are plenty of little girls out there interested in more than just princesses. Some even love the villains! Take this young friend of mine – she just happens to be a huge fan of Darth Vader. When I found that out, combined with the fact that our session was in October, I suggested she bring along some props. She wielded that light saber like a champ! Thanks to her pop-culture-loving Dad, she has interests well beyond everything pink and rainbow. But don’t get me wrong, you can love pink, rainbows, AND Star Wars! And when I received a very special thank you note from her, covered in hearts and sparkly flower stickers and butterflies, I was pretty excited! In fact, it’s hanging in my office. This little girl just stole my heart with her smile and those sparkling eyes! Plus, she has Dad wrapped around her little finger! They make a pretty great pair.

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Margaret Belanger Photography | Boston Fall Family Session: And I Keep Singing

Meg Belanger