Boston Family Photography, The Belangers: Closer To My Home

My cousin is heading off to college this summer, so before he left, his mom scheduled a little family session. In the rush of summer, when everyone has their own activities, it’s nice to take a couple of hours just to hang out as a family. And when you add a trip to Kimball’s at the end of it all, it’s pretty much a wonderful afternoon!

You may notice that the people in these photos look rather tall. Well, you’d be right! I didn’t inherit ANY of the Belanger height (thanks, mom), but these kids have it in spades! I’m pretty sure my uncle throws his back out every time he hugs me hello!

Family portrait, Boston area family photography

The family dog, Maddie, had to get in a few photos. It wasn’t long after this photo was taken that she decided rushing the camera was the way to go! Family portrait with the dog, Boston family photographyBlack and white family photo, Boston family photographyFamily portrait session, Carlisle, MAFamily portraits, Carlisle, MACarlisle, MA, family portrait session, siblingsVertical photo of siblings, Carlisle, MAAnd since I had everyone’s attention, I figured I might as well grab a few photos of just my aunt and uncle. I love the way they came out, this one in particular!Mom and dad, Carlisle, MA family photographyNick, good luck in college! You are going to have so much fun – I’m definitely a tad jealous! And no matter what you might think now, you are going to miss  all of the goofy people you call family!

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