Boston Family Session: We're Closer Now Than Ever Before

Ice cream is one of the greatest bribes around. I’ve seen it time and time again, both with the little ones I photograph and with me (oh, how I love my ice cream). So, when you combine a family session with ice cream eating photos, it pretty much makes my day! This family started their session off at home. I love the colors they chose to wear – nothing matchy-matchy but it’s all coordinated and bright! Perfect for the summer. I don’t know if you can tell from this first photo, but one of these family members is definitely a ham in front of the camera! You’ll see which one I mean in a few photos…Boston family sitting on their front stepsBoston family on their front steps, close-upClose-up of a family, focused on little boyAfter we finished up at the house, we headed over to the ice cream shop. Some of us walked. Some of us rode in a little red wagon (it wasn’t me, I swear). It’s so fun to watch children conquer their ice cream cones, taking those big bites, trying to prevent the jimmies from falling off. It’s an uphill battle for sure. Kids eating ice cream cones, Boston
When we got home again, the kids were fully warmed up and on a sugar high. They planted themselves on the opposite side of the front porch as some sort of photo session rebellion. Lucky for me, I happen to think a photo like this is absolutely adorable! Kids sitting on the front porch, back to the cameraJust as an aside, I went to high school with the dad in these photos. Photography has definitely reintroduced me to a lot of people from my past and I love it! It’s always such a show of trust when people ask you to photograph their families (and wedding days).

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Margaret Belanger Photography | Boston Family Session: We're Closer Now Than Ever Before

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