Boston Food Photography: Open Your Heart With the Key

Yay for food! The Mr. and I celebrated Valentine’s Day together this past Saturday. We had dinner with three other couples. The men cooked and the women got to kick back, relax, and enjoy the meal! Knowing how decadent it was going to get, I brought my camera along so I could photograph our feast!

Fontina and pear and brie and green apple paninis with a tomato soup shooter.

Mini grilled cheese, fontina and pear, brie and green apple


Sun-dried tomato and avocado spring rolls.

Sun-dried tomato and avocado spring rolls
Mixed greens salad with goat cheese, red onions, and craisins.

Mixed greens salad with goat cheese and craisins
Rosemary chicken stuffed with an herb infused goat cheese paste (cooked under a brick) with a side of orzo and vegetables.

Butterflied rosemary chicken with orzoClose-up of rosemary chicken with orzo

Homemade creme brulee with raspberries and blackberries!

Creme Brulee garnished with blackberries and raspberries

We also got chocolate covered strawberries and vanilla milkshakes with kahlua. Talk about being pampered! Everything was so yummy! In our past lives in Los Angeles, the Mr. was a pretty darn good chef, so I knew what he was capable of! However, these days, after a long day at work, neither one us gets very creative with dinner (unless you count figuring out ways to only use one pan creative). It was the perfect Valentine’s Day present! Thank you to the men for putting in a hard day’s work and really getting creative! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!





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