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Once upon a time there were two cousins who occasionally played dress-up together and who had a grandmother kind of like Julia Child. Many years later, they collaborated on a cookbook together and lived to tell the tale!Boston Homegrown Cookbook Author and Photographer, Boston, Farmer's Market

You’ll have to bear with me as I indulge in a little shameless self-promotion (although let’s be honest – by nature, a blog is all about self-promotion). This past week, the Boston Homegrown Cookbook was finally officially released. It is in bookstores and in the hands of many friends, and even some strangers. When the book arrived a week ago, I could not stop smiling. It felt just like Christmas morning. I had dabbled in food photography prior to this project, but this really opened the door for me. If you follow my blog at all, you already know what a unique and amazing experience this was. But even on the best of days, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. I kept waiting for the project to fall through or for someone to tell me my work wasn’t good enough. It just never felt real. Until I held a copy of it in my hands and saw my photos in print. Until I saw the photo of me in the back (the one Allana took, above). Until I read the words I wrote thanking my friends and family. Then it felt a little more real. But just a little. Now it feels like I’m living in a dream! Today I brought the book outside to show a friend of mine and a woman (a STRANGER) stopped me and said, “That’s a great book. You’re going to love it” and she went on to tell me a friend had given it to her. WHAT THE?! OH MY GOODNESS! So, blushing (and with my signature giant grin, I’m sure), I told her I was the photographer. Then SHE got excited and was all, “I can’t wait to tell my friend I met you!” It was surreal. As we walked away, my friend said to me, “Yes, that really happened. I am so glad I was here for that.” Sigh. If there hadn’t been a witness, I’m not sure I would have believed it. As you can imagine, I am still smiling. A big, turn-my-cheeks-red smile. A smile not unlike the one in the photo below, taken by my friend Kristin the day after the book arrived on my door!Boston Homegrown Cookbook photographer holding a copy of the book, Boston

People on Facebook and even in person have been asking me where they can get a copy of the book. Well, if you’re in the greater Winchester, MA area, Leigh and I are actually going to be signing copies of the book at my hometown bookstore, Book Ends, on June 2nd at 1p. It’s Town Day that day so the whole town center is one big sidewalk sale with yummy food, a petting zoo, and lots of cool local stores. Come help us celebrate!






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