Boston Marriage Proposal: With You I'd Walk Anywhere

Usually when you photograph a marriage proposal, you have to hide behind trees or pretend you’re just hanging out along the Esplanade with your camera. You have to do whatever it takes to be incognito. Not this time! Patrick came up with a brilliant plan! He told Alyssa that I was looking for some winter couples to photograph for my portfolio and since they wanted some photos of the two of them for the house, he volunteered them! This is an awesome idea on so many levels! I had Patrick & Alyssa meet me at the big Christmas tree in Fanueil Hall and we just strolled around taking photos. I can only imagine how nervous Patrick must have been with that ring in his pocket! When we finished our loop around the Rose Kennedy Greenway and Columbus Park, we found ourselves back at the Christmas tree. I instructed Patrick and Alyssa to walk towards the tree so I could get some photos of them. Little did Alyssa know that Patrick and I had this all planned out. I knew that when they got close to the tree, he was going to drop down on one knee and propose. It was storybook magical! She had no idea what was happening! And the best part?? She said YES! I cannot wait for the wedding in December!


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Margaret Belanger Photography | Boston Marriage Proposal: With You I'd Walk Anywhere

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