Bruins-Themed Session in Lexington: Twenty Degrees and the Hockey Game’s On

Great holiday photos don’t need fancy holiday clothes. I know, I know, it’s a little early to start talking about the holidays. But it’s NOT too early to start thinking about holiday photos. Sometimes the best outfits are the ones your kids are most comfortable in. For these two Bruins-loving hockey-playing girls, team outfits made the cut. Decked out in Bruins jerseys and winter hats, they gave me their best smiles! Even Kate the dog smiled while she wore her Bruins jersey! The girls spent most of their session wearing dresses, but these were the best photos. The ones taken at the tail end of the session when they put on their team’s apparel. Even mom and dad thought so. These are the ones that ended up on the Christmas card. I love these images because I see the girls’ genuine smiles, their personalities, and I think their outfit choice is a good marker of who they were and what they liked that year. Plus, that buttery evening light is to die for!


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Margaret Belanger Photography | Bruins-Themed Session in Lexington: Twenty Degrees and the Hockey Game

Meg Belanger