Cambridge City Hall Wedding: That’s Amore!

This season I photographed my very first City Hall wedding and it was awesome. The wedding took place at Cambridge City Hall, which is a beautiful alternative to Boston City Hall. I guess it all depends on how you feel about brutalist architecture. The ceremony took place in a gorgeous room with important-looking portraits, fun wallpaper, and stately chairs and benches. The bride and groom exchanged their vows with only their children (and me!) in attendance. Afterwards, we wandered around the building, inside and out, for some portraits. Then we hopped in our cars and headed to the Public Gardens to grab some more photos. This family had the most fun jumping about, tossing the bouquets around, and climbing trees. I’m sure we made quite the sight! I always say what an honor it is to be invited to participate in a couple’s wedding day (and it always is), but when there are only 4 people there, including the bride and groom, I know just how lucky I am!


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