Hollywood History: The Days Go By So Fast

Margaret Belanger Photography | Hollywood History: The Days Go By So Fast

Back to Los Angeles…now where were we? Life in Los Angeles was a pretty big adjustment for a girl who had spent her whole life in the Northeast. I was lucky, though; being in school gave me a built-in way to meet new people, to have new experiences, and to basically make the transition easier.…

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The Gold of Sunshine

Margaret Belanger Photography | The Gold of Sunshine

Back in college, my roommate Anne was pretty much the only person I knew who knitted. In fact, she owes me a pair of knitted pants, which at the time, seemed like the craziest thing someone could knit. All these years later, Anne is still knitting, creating wonderful hats, mittens, and other fun things. Welcome…

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Raise Your Hopeful Voice

Margaret Belanger Photography | Raise Your Hopeful Voice

This past week we celebrated Doug’s birthday and for his present, I got him tickets to see The Swell Season at Radio City Music Hall. I don’t even know where to begin; we had such an amazing New York City adventure. Radio City Music Hall was exquisite. The inside was so opulent – every little…

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Butterflies Are Free To Fly

Margaret Belanger Photography | Butterflies Are Free To Fly

Now that it’s January and the holidays are over, as are all the weddings, I’m finally going through all my busy season shoots to find the sessions I never blogged. This little baby killed me with how cute she was! When you get to play with babies and dress them up in fun hats, it’s…

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