Colby College Wedding, Devon & Dan

It has long been a dream of mine to photograph a Colby College wedding up on the Waterville, Maine campus. Having gone there, the campus holds a special place in my heart. Over the years, I’ve photographed a lot of my Colby friends – their weddings, their babies, and even their businesses. Dan (one of my best friends) and Devon’s wedding was the first one to actually bring me up to Waterville. They eloped on Runnals Hill over Labor Day weekend. Runnals (which you’ll see later in the post) is the theater building. Dan was (is) a bit of a theater nerd and spent a lot of time in that building, in addition to living in the dorms across from it. Devon is a good sport who decided the side of a hill on a college campus is as good a place to get married as anyplace else. And it’s hard not to fall in love with Colby’s campus – it’s pretty beautiful.

Getting Ready

The day of the wedding began at the Westin Portland Harborview Hotel. The bride and groom got ready in separate rooms, but came together for a first look. We didn’t take too many hotel room first look portraits since we knew we’d be on the Colby campus and could grab some beautiful photos there.

Ceremony & Portraits

Dan & Devon only invited four guests, plus me, plus the officiant (another good friend from college), so we all took the limousine from Portland to Waterville. Dan & his friend Jesse are part of my Kenny Loggins crew, so we all definitely sang the “Danny’s Song” as loud as we possibly could on the ride. When we arrived on campus, one of Dan’s theater professors greeted us and unlocked the building for us so we could use it as a home base. It was also our rain plan, but as you can see from the photos, it was a bright sunny day!

We traipsed up the hill until we found a spot that looked pretty. Andy, the officiant, settled in and performed the ceremony. There were a lot of laughs, but I’m pretty sure we all cried, too. After the ceremony, we stayed on the hill for some portraits. The sun streamed through the trees and gave us some gorgeous light. We had to grab some photos on the steps of Runnals, too.

The Ride Back to Portland

When you travel up to Waterville, ME, there is one stop you *need* to make. You need to have Big G’s. The sandwiches are giant and they’re named after celebrities. On our way up to Colby, we agreed on a few sandwiches to order. While the ceremony was taking place, the limo driver went and picked them up. There is no better thing than to have your wedding “catered” by Big G’s! We shoveled those sandwiches into our faces (along with some whoopie pies) on our way back to Portland.

Bride admires her wedding dress in a Portland, ME hotel

Bride's sister applying makeup while looking into a mirror.

Photography by

A bride in a white dress looks at her reflection in a mirror, adjusting her hair.Did I sneak in to the photos? You bet I did! Don’t be surprised if you find me somewhere in a mirror in your wedding photos! It helps that I knew Dan & Devon wouldn’t mind discovering a sneaky photo of me among their wedding photos. I couldn’t be part of the portraits, so this is the next best thing! A bride in a white dress looks into a mirror while a photographer captures the moment. A smiling bride in a white dress standing in front of a mirror. A bride smiling behind her groom who is out of focus in the foreground.A groom in a suit smiling with his eyes closed, unaware of his bride playfully making a face behind him. The bride approaches her groom for their first look in their hotel room. Images of a wedding couple dressed in formal attire, one posing with a smile and the other sharing a kiss. A bottle of veuve clicquot brut champagne with wedding rings placed on the label. The bride and her sister embracing and smiling in a happy moment. The bride and her sister posing for a photo, one holding a smartphone with their other sister on FaceTime.The bride and groom sing along to music while riding in a limousine. A man in a grey suit smiling inside a limousine with colorful lights on the ceiling. A group of formally dressed individuals walking outside on a sunny day with a clear blue sky. A bride and groom holding hands while walking up the steps towards a traditional brick building on a sunny day. A photo of the wedding officiant in sunglasses and a photo of the officiant taking a photo of the groom who is taking a photo of the photographer.The bride walking down the aisle on the side of a hill on a very sunny day. A bride and groom stand in front of their wedding officiant during their sunny outdoor ceremony. Outdoor wedding ceremony with a couple holding hands and an officiant reading from a book. Outdoor wedding ceremony with a couple exchanging vows, officiant and attendees watching. Two separate portraits: one of a groom looking to the side in sunlight, and another of a couple standing together in a field watching the wedding ceremony. A collage of an outdoor wedding ceremony with a couple exchanging vows and rings, followed by a kiss, in the presence of an officiant and a small number of guests. A collage of three photographs capturing a wedding couple during a sunny outdoor ceremony, with three scenes of them walking together down the aisle.A group of people walking outdoors on a sunny day, the bride in the center is holding a bouquet of flowers. A group of seven adults posing for a photo outdoors, with trees in the background. Four people laughing together in a black and white photograph. Four people posing for a photo outdoors, with the bride holding a bouquet of flowers. A bride in a white dress holding a bouquet stands between two smiling men, one in a clerical collar and the other in a blue suit, outdoors. A smiling wedding couple exchanging a look of affection, with the woman holding a large bouquet of flowers. A happy couple embracing in a wooded area, with the bride on the right holding a bouquet of blue and white hydrangeas. A happy wedding couple laughing together while posing for a photo, the bride holding a bouquet of flowers. A wedding couple joyfully embracing and kissing in a sunny woodland setting.A couple kissing amidst greenery with the woman holding a bouquet of hydrangeas. A groom in a blue suit lifting a bride in a simple white wedding dress in a forest clearing. A collage of three photos showing a smiling wedding couple in formal wear, embracing and enjoying a sunny day outdoors. A couple embracing in a sunlit forest clearing. A couple embracing and sharing a moment of affection outdoors. A happy couple embracing outdoors and looking at the camera with trees in the background. Three candid wedding photos showing the groom and his best man and the bride and the best man's fiancee. A bride and groom holding hands and walking down a natural path flanked by lush greenery under a clear blue sky.Bride and groom sharing a moment in a sunny meadow with greenery in the background. A groom kisses his bride's forehead amidst tall grass and greenery. Couple in wedding attire sharing a funny moment amidst lush greenery. A bride and groom and their five wedding guests posing on the steps of a building named "Runnals". A group of well-dressed individuals smiling and posing together on the steps of a building with the word "Runnals" engraved above the entrance. A hand holding a whoopie pie wrapped in plastic film. Groom in a suit popping champagne in a limousine with a bouquet of flowers on the seat next to him. Two people toasting with champagne flutes inside a limousine. A bride holding a champagne flute while sitting inside a limousine, smirking at the groom who is off-camera. The groom nuzzles the bride in the back of the limousine while they hold flutes of champagne. A bride and groom toasting with champagne inside a limousine. A bride and groom toasting with champagne inside a limousine while the bride looks at the camera and the groom looks at the bride. A bride and groom singing together in the back seat of a limousine with a glass of champagne.Nothing says “fashion accessory” on your wedding day like a clerical collar! Devon got a kick out of trying on Andy’s collar on our ride back to Portland.  A bride laughs while adjusting a clerical collar inside a limousine with the groom in a suit seated in the background.

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