Dancing at Discos, Eating Cheese on Toast

Haley is in the same class as my sister, so when I took Tessa’s senior photos, Haley joined in, too! I think it’s great to bring along a friend to your session. Haley & Tessa each got their own shoot, but they were together, which made it a little more comfortable (and goofy). I had each girl bring a “casual” outfit and a “fancy” outfit so they could change up their look midway through our session. We even had someone helping out with hair & make-up! Not that either girl needed much help (although Tessa did have her hair straightened). So, without further ado, here are some of my favorites of Haley…

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Haley’s quite a catch. Haha. That’s a fishing net behind her. See? Now is it funny?
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I made sure to take a few photos of the two girls together.
Haley, senior photos

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