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Hello my Hollywood peeps! It’s just about time for the Red Carpet coverage to begin and here I am, on my sofa, with a glass of wine, ready to watch the Oscars and live blog the fun! Hooray! The first couple of hours might be a bit sporadic, but come 8 o’clock, we’re on for good. Should be an interesting evening – 2 hosts, 10 Best Picture nominees, George Clooney… Will the madness ever end?

– Sam Worthington from Avatar is the first interview. His real accent is much sexier than his movie accent (which was “American” with Australian peeking through). He’ll be in Clash of the Titans coming out soon. Not sure if we’ll be able to see if he can actually act in that movie either. Zac Efron? I used to dislike him greatly, but after seeing Hairspray, I liked him a little. And then of course, I liked him in 18 Again. He’s growing on me.

– What does arriving early say about these actors/actresses? More interview time? People starting out who don’t mind the media obstacle course?

– Are actors saying that Avatar was awesome because they want to be in James Cameron’s next film or because they really like the movie? Because as far as acting went, it wasn’t great. (Although I love Zoe Saldana)

– Anna Kendrick was great in Up In The Air, but she will lose to Mo’nique (who rightfully deserves the award. She was amazing in Precious). Mariska Hargitay is gorgeous. I love how you can see her mom in her features, even though they have totally different coloring.I like Tina Fey’s dress. Better than some of her other choices, but Vanessa and I wish she would embrace more color.

– Paula Patton is looking like one hot pregnant lady!

– There’s my lady Mo’nique! She really finds good dresses for her body! If you haven’t seen Precious yet, see it once and then you can move on. It’s not really a multiple-watch movie.

– It’s pouring rain in Hollywood but we had a GORGEOUS day in Boston today! The irony.

– Mariah Carey looks so much more respectable tonight than she has before. Maybe the Oscars really do class the joint up.

– Okay, first sort of negative dress is Zoe Saldana’s, even though I love her. It looks like she’s wearing two different dresses – the top is beaded and gorgeous. Bottom is a little weird, definitely don’t like the slit up the front. I love her in Center Stage.

– Joel Madden & Nicole Ritchie.

– James Cameron’s wife, Suzy Amis, looks so gross. She definitely needs to gain about 20 pounds and possibly dye her hair. And I’m not usually one for dying hair to get rid of greys, but she needs something. Really.

– Vera Farmiga is up against her co-star, Anna Kendrick. She was also great in Up In The Air, but will also lose to Mo’nique. It’s pretty much the only acting category I’m sure of. Dress color is beautiful, looks great on her, but a little weird. Not my favorite.

– Who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds?! He’s so hot! And adorable. Jason Reitman looks so much like his dad (who I saw when I was last in Los Angeles). James Cameron, matching his pocket square to his wife’s dress – nice touch. Gain weight, Suzy Amis! Seems like he has a good relationship with Kathryn Bigelow, but it doesn’t seem as friendly with Linda Hamilton, judging from a recent interview with her, Weird. Maggie Gyllenhaal looks great and her husband Peter Skarsgaard looks handsome, too. They are a good couple, but they have very difficult last names to spell. He was amazing in An Education. Elizabeth Banks in gray. How do we feel about that?

– I see you Tom Ford, sneaking behind Elizabeth Banks. Not only is he hot, but he’s a pretty good director. See A Single Man with Colin Firth! It was excellent! Every scene is a fashion spread that I would LOVE to replicate in still photography.

– Sigourney Weaver looks beautiful. Sexy and age-appropriate, and some women definitely miss that mark. And I see sexy Lenny Kravitz standing behind her. With his daughter. He was awesome in Precious, too. Totally a burst of light in a pretty dark film.

– Carey Mulligan can carry off a pleated dress because she weighs 50 pounds soaking wet. But I love her hair. I wish I could have a haircut like that. And Sandra Bullock looks great. Especially the top of her dress. I think Diane Kreuger is not on my best dressed list. She had a fashion misstep at the Globes, too. But the important question is, where’s Pacey (aka Joshua Jackson)?!

– Miley Cyrus needs better posture! She’s doing the America’s Next Top Model broken look! Jake Gyllenhaal is adorable. Doug was in a movie with him way back in the day, before we reconnected in Los Angeles. Morgan Freeman is creeping up in the background… “Ryan Seacrest, don’t you know I’m god?!” Miley Cyrus looks like a housewife from Orange County. Her mother is even worse. And Miley’s head is about 3x the size of her mom’s. Scary. She never had a chance with parents like that.

– I want SJP’s dress to connect the front to the neck piece. But I still like them. GEORGE IS HERE! He needs a haircut but I’m willing to overlook it. Kathryn Bigelow is a gorgeous tall woman and only the 4th to be nominated for Best Director. I’m hoping she wins tonight! Stanley Tucci is awesome in absolutely EVERYTHING he is in. If you haven’t seen Julie & Julia yet, rent it! He is great in it. Charlize Theron has satin flowers for boobs, At the moment, I am not a fan.

– Just noticed we haven’t seen any 360 degree views or glam cams! What kind of statement is E! trying to make this year? I guess this really is a year of Oscar changes!

– I’m glad Matt Damon shaved his porn ‘stache. He is always so well-spoken and put-together. We’ve been a fan of his forever. Doug says George Clooney’s long hair is for the Facts of Life reunion. That’s not really happening. Colin Firth is the best! Clooney’s girlfriend needs to tuck her nipples in – we don’t want to see them in this household! Queen Latifah rocks – she’s fantastic! George says be is surrounded by stunning women, but I know a few who are sitting on couches who would love to be there with him!

– Skeletor! I like J. Lo’s dress, structured on one side, fitted on the other. You can see her curvy shape, so it’s still flattering, even though there’s a lot of fouf on one side.

-“If fashion was porn, this dress is the money shot!” – Gabourey Sibide (I’ll be calling her Gabby.) She is a frickin’ burst of sunshine. So funny and bubbly and a breath of fresh air. I love watching her on interviews – so funny on Conan O’Brien.

– Are you loving or hating the Cervical Cancer perfume commercials?

– Jeff Bridges is head-over-heels in love with his wife – his very appropriate, beautiful, classy wife. Love it! He was amazing in Crazy Heart and the music was awesome (and I don’t normally like country music). I would say he’s the frontrunner for the Oscar, but the E! poll is saying Clooney. Interesting. I guess we’ll find out!

– Cameron Diaz just said she arrived late so she didn’t have to talk to anyone! I knew it! But she looks beautiful. I love her dress. Sparkly and gold. We’re just about to switch to ABC for their coverage of the Red Carpet. Are you ready?!

– Sherri Shepard is hosting this red carpet coverage (along with an odd-posing Kathy Ireland). All the Best Supporting Actresses in one place! Anna Kendrick looks almost midget-like among all those women. Is Kathy Ireland promoting Unnecessary Roughness 2? I am laughing at her. She’s not very good at this. I just got a text from my brother that said, “Kathy Ireland looks like she’s never been on TV before.” True dat, double true.

– Even though I am a sucker for an uplifting sports movie, I didn’t see Invictus. Oh well. Helen Mirren & Christopher Plummer look awesome! I can’t believe this is his first Oscar nomination! The man is 80 years old! He is 20 yrs older than Helen. They look amazing!

– Morgan Freeman’s daughter is named Morgana. Okay, George Foreman. Also, he needs to spit out his gum apparently (thanks for the tip, Jillamina).

– Is it just me or is the ABC coverage a totally different color than the E! coverage?! I’m pretty sure J. Lo was wearing a white dress, but now it’s lavender.

– I would like to turn MY genius into a dream come true. Thanks, Kathy Ireland.

– There ceremony is about to begin and the food just came out of the kitchen! Total chaos! I want to eat, but I have to type! Argh!

– All the actors AND all the actors? Are they going to break out in song? How much do I love that Gabby just struck a pose?! Meryl looks great.

– Neil Patrick Harris?? I LOVE IT! What a nice surprise! No one wants to do it alone. What a fun intro. He’s on top of his game right now. Plus he’s wearing a sparkly tuxedo jacket. Vegas dancers? Who needs to be a WPPI when I can watch a Vegas show from my couch?

– Is this better or worse than Tyra bot? Just kidding – definitely better! Two charismatic men hosting. What could go wrong? 🙂

– So far it seems very old-school, but I’m enjoying it. Some random jokes. Very schticky. Avatar CGI. Sam Worthington didn’t laugh.

– George Clooney isn’t laughing. And the consensus seems to be that his girlfriend looks like a man.

– Penelope Cruz is presenting for Best Supporting Actor. I think it’s going to be Christoph Waltz. I was right! One down, a million hours to go! If you haven’t seen Inglourious Basterds yet, it’s worth seeing. He’s amazing and the opening scene will live in your mind!

– Ryan Reynolds is presenting The Blind Side. You know, because he was in The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. The movie didn’t make me cry and it should have, so I’m not voting for it.

– Interesting pairing. Cameron Diaz and Steve Carrell. I like the animated film intros. Awww. Ed Asner. We love Ed Asner!

– I think it will be Up! I was right! 2 for 2! Of course, this means it won’t win Best Picture, for which it is also nominated. Up! was an emotional roller coaster of a film. Doug & I cried three times in the first 20 minutes. For real. If you haven’t seen it, rent it. Plus, my friend Alex the Girl worked on the soundtrack.

– Grody to the max to Miley Cyrus. Amanda Seyfried is not that far ahead. I didn’t realize Randy Newman had gotten so old. Could this random French song squeeze in for the win? I pick “The Weary Kind” from “Crazy Heart.” That gets my vote. I was right! 3 for 3! The whole soundtrack from this movie rocks – very folksy, not so twangy. It’s awesome. I hope Doug loves me more than rainbows. That’s clearly real love.

– People should not chew gum at the Oscars!

– Best presenters: Tina Fey and Robert Downey, Jr. For the win? The Hurt Locker! I did not have a pick for that one. Vanessa voted for Inglourious Basterds. Oh well.

– Molly Ringwald & Matthew Broderick! Know what this means?! John Hughes! She looks like a deer in headlights and she sounds a little sad. Ferris! Who doesn’t want a John Hughes Tribute?! I think a John Hughes movie marathon might be in the works. Who wants in?

– This was a MUCH BETTER tribute than the one done at the Critic Choice Awards! All the actors! Oh my goodness – this is awesome! Judd Nelson needs to go back to the Wild West. This is a super well done tribute! Awesome!

– Samuel Jackson makes even Up! sound badass. Until you remember that it’s the saddest movie ever. In fact, I bet even Samuel Jackson cried during the first 20 minutes of the movie.

– We are enjoying the credit being given to the short films (both animated and live action). It’s nice to see who has won and where they have gone.

– Logorama looks like it would have been funny! It won! I think it’s funny he just thanked the 3000 unofficial sponsors of the film.

– Hm. Music By Prudence. We didn’t see these, but that’s not the one we would have voted for in this household. You know, just based on the synopsis. Does anyone know who this woman is? She just bumped the other guy out of his speech. Awkward. He looks a little stunned. She’s the new Kanye.

– The New Tenants won best Live Action Short. I didn’t see this one but I do like Vincent D’Onofrio. Something tells me this is when they start to play people off the stage. And, there they go.

– Ben Stiller makes a great Na’vi. I see you. Does James Cameron find this funny? I hope so!

– Avatar isn’t even nominated (because the make-up is CGI, of course). The winner is – Star Trek! “We” love Star Trek in this household. I think Young Victoria has a better chance of winning Best Costume.

– Why is Jeff Bridges presenting A Serious Man? Because he’s the Dude? It just seems weird since he’s up for an award for a totally different movie. That clip just made A Serious Man look pretty good. It’s still my least favorite nominated film.

– Best Adapted Screenplay? Doug is voting for District 9. Winner – Precious! That might have been a bit of an upset. Up In The Air has been winning, although I guess Precious won an Independent Spirit Award last night. Where’s Oprah? I think this movie should have been called “Tyler Perry’s Precious based on the novel Push by Sapphire.” Lee Daniels did a great job directing, but he’s a little scary.

– Lauren Bacall?! Why couldn’t she have been on tonight?! She’s awesome! Oh yay! She’s in the audience! They should be standing up! It’s Lauren Bacall, bitches! Thank you!

– Best Supporting Actress? No contest. Mo’nique. Penelope and Javier, together in public. Maggie was just crying at her own performance. I can’t even watch the clips from Precious. This movie was gutwrenching. GUTWRENCHING! She won! The audience is giving her a standing O (and a lot faster than they stood for Lauren Bacall). Who would have guessed that Mo’nique could have won the Oscar? But really, she deserves EVERY single award she’s won this season.

– Colin Firth is introducing An Education, I don’t understand how they organized these presenters! He’s also nominated for a different movie this year.

– Art Direction. This is where it’s okay for Avatar to win awards if that’s what has to happen. And it won. One down for Avatar. I’m okay with it winning technical awards, since clearly it’s a beautifully made technical film. “This Oscar sees you.” No, he didn’t! And that guys is talking about almost not surviving. Awkward silences and awkward clapping.

– Best Costume Design. (We haven’t been seeing a lot of the hosts – is that a good thing or a bad thing? What do you think?) Yay for Young Victoria! She looks like she deserves a Best Costume Design Oscar – very confident and super stylish! I like her speech, too.

– Charlize Theron. Precious. Vanessa and I are debating the “uplifting-ness” of the movie. Anybody who’s seen it, do you have an opinion on this?

– A special tribute to horror movies. Sort of enjoying the Baldwin/Martin sleeping footage. Was that supposed to be Paranormal Activity?

– Kristen Stewart needs to learn how to smile and cover her mouth when she coughs.

– I wouldn’t have categorized a lot of those movies as horror.

– Morgan Freeman doing voiceover. Love it! Sound editing and sound mixing is hard stuff. Tom Holman is crazy. He was my sound professor We didn’t get along. So who’ll win these awards?

– The Hurt Locker won for Sound Editing. That dude has scary hair.

– Sound Mixing: The Hurt Locker! Yay. Things are looking good (knock on wood).

– The Academy’s Sci-Tech Awards.

– John Travolta presents Inglourious Basterds. That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense? The fact that he seems to be wearing jeans. To the Oscars.

– Best Cinematography: Avatar won. Hm. It’s weird they didn’t show clips for this category, considering it’s an award for visuals. It’s funny to me that Avatar would win for cinematography, but I think that’s just showing my own ignorance for the technical side of moviemaking

– Demi Moore looks beautiful! We’re wondering how no woman has taken a digger on that stage tonight. It looks treacherous. James Taylor paying tribute to those we’ve lost! He’s singing the Beatles’ “In My Life.” I don’t like it when they show us the stage. We just want to see the footage. The applause seems to be pretty reserved. No overwhelming amount for any one person, which I guess is nice. I love James Taylor!

– So I wouldn’t normally comment on the commercials, but how gorgeous is Cindy Crawford? How gorgeous are her kids?!

– Best Original Score. Doug says Han Zimmer. V says Michael Giacchino. Is NPH one of the league of extraordinary dancers?

– I thought we got rid of interpretative dance after the whole Rob Lowe/Snow White fiasco? No?

– Michael Giacchino for the win! Good speech! I loved the music from Up!

– Is it me or do Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper just look like trouble? Like guys that are sexy but that you definitely don’t want to date Trouble with a ‘T’.

– Avatar for Best Visual Effects. I’m hoping Avatar wins all these technical awards so that it doesn’t win any of the big awards coming up. They’re doing a great job thanking people. A very good speech from that guy.

– Jason Bateman introducing Up In The Air – he’s actually in the movie. This is the first movie introduced by one of its actors. What kind of tricks are you trying to pull, Oscar? Are you wondering if we’re paying attention? Because we are!

– Best Documentary? I pick The Cove. Yay! I was right! Fisher Frickin’ Stevens! What the what?! He was never going to get on the stage by acting! And that one guy dropped his statue.

– Best Editing (yay, double snuggie!): The Hurt Locker!

– And now we know why Keanu was on the Red Carpet – he’s introducing The Hurt Locker. And the connection is? Anyone?

– Pedro Almodovar and Quentin Tarantino in front of a lot of little lamps in lampshades. We just got a vote for Pedro playing Robert Downey Jr’s father. Anybody out there see that?

– Best Foreign Film. And the winner is? El Secreto de Sus Ojos! The movie from Argentina (the only foreign film country I’ve been to). He made a joke about Avatar being a foreign language film. Haha. That’s funny. He ended by saying, “To our brothers in Chile.”

– Kathy Bates is always great. She’s presenting Avatar, even though she was in The Blind Side. This is starting to really frustrate me.

– Who are these people? Why are they grouped together? They are each going to talk about one of the nominees. Okay, I get it now. Jeff Bridges just has such a genuine smile. You want to give him a hug. He looks like he’s about to cry a little. What a touching tribut by Michelle Pfeiffer! Now Vera Farmiga on George Clooney. He does have a crinkle in his eye. Sigh. He’s so dreamy. Julianne Moore talking about Colin Firth. I love him, too. Everything from Bridget Jones’ Diary to What A Girl Wants to A Single Man. Tim Robbins on Morgan Freeman. I like that the newly single Tim Robbins is laughing at his own joke. Morgan Freeman has some crazy teeth. Never noticed that before. Colin Farrell introducing Jeremy Renner. This is actually really touching. I like this way of presenting the nominees. Now Kate Winslet to actually give the award. The frontrunner is Jeff Bridges. And he wins! Hooray!

– Big standing ovation for him. He’s so full of love. T. Bone Burnett makes me giggle. He just flashed a horizontal peace sign.

– Time for Best Actress. WIll there be some sort of upset? Meryl and Sandra have been neck and neck with Sandra maybe edging out ahead. However, could there be a dark horse. Oprah is the only non-man introducing a Best Actress nominee. Forrest Whittaker looks skinny. I think it’s really touching for the nominees to hear themselves spoken in this way by their colleagues. Michael Sheen speaking about Helen Mirren. She’s gorgeous! She has a spiderweb tattoo? You can see all the nominees start to tear up as their coworkers speak about them. It’s wonderful. Peter Skarsgaard introducting Carey Mulligan. I loved her in An Education! Oprah for Gabby. Deep breaths, Gabby! She really holds her own against her “competition.” Stanley Tucci introducing Meryl Streep. I love him!! She really does radiate humility which makes her so likeable!

– Sean Penn to give the award. What? Huh? What’s he talking about? Who was neglected two years in a row? The winner is…. Sandra Bullock!! What on earth do you think Jesse just whispered in her ear?! Hooray for her! Well, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and Marisa Tomei had their moments – this was Sandra Bullock’s year! I want George Clooney to throw me in a pool!

– What a nice tribute to her mom. It’s making me cry. She didn’t thank Jesse, but I don’t think she had to. They’re playing The Way We Were right now. Oh, well apparently it’s because Babs is coming on the stage.

– Barbra Streisand introducing Best Director. Kathryn Bigelow! Here’s hoping! Or maybe I should specify and say Not James Cameron! Who is it going to be??? Kathryn Bigelow!! First woman Best Director in Oscar’s history! It’s about gosh darn time. And it’s fitting that Babs gets to give it to her! She is sooooo tall! One more award left! “I am woman, hear me roar!” Nothing like being super cheesy Academy Awards!

– Tom Hanks. Everyone loves Tom Hanks. The Hurt Locker!! No build up at all for that award. Man oh man, they didn’t even re-list the nominees. Time constraints? I’m glad the actors get to go up on stage. I bet that producer is pretty pissed he got banned from the ceremony now! Take that, soliciting producer! Mark Boal is manhandling Kathryn Bigelow – totally gripping her arm. I think she might faint.

– Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our program. Steve & Alec come out at the end. After all the coverage the broadcast received, we barely saw the 2 hosts. Were they underused or used just right?

– Why were the Best Song nominees not sung, but we got interpretative dances for the Best Original Score nominees? They could have cut some fat out there. And no Farrah Fawcett in the tribute. Is that because she was really just in TV and TV movies?

Okay, I am DONE for the night! There is nothing short about the Oscars, for sure. If I have any random thoughts, I’ll make sure to add them in. For now, it’s time for bed! And tomorrow, I’ll start planning for next year!

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