Have You Ever Thrown A Fist Full of Glitter In The Air?

I had one day to photograph Adriane & Dave before they left to go back to California and what happened? It snowed. A lot. Lucky for us, it made for great photos (although not-so-great driving). Adriane & Dave are getting married this coming fall on Coronado Island in San Diego. That’s right – I’m a bicoastal wedding photographer! Anyway, they were in town visiting family, so we grabbed the opportunity to do their engagement session. They were so awesome in front of the camera! And they were troopers in the snow, even though Adriane was wearing stiletto-heeled boots!

Adriane & Dave, engagement session

Adriane & Dave, engagement session

I love how romantic and snowy this photo is.
Adriane & Dave, engagement session

Adriane & Dave, engagement session

There are definite benefits to living above a restaurant, besides the delicious food. When we got too cold to stay outside, they gladly let us finish the shoot up inside. Not many places actually let you do that; most will kick you out. As you know, I’ve been kicked out of some pretty fancy places.
Adriane & Dave, engagement session

Adriane & Dave, thanks so much for making the snowy trek out this way. Choosing which photos to include in this post was not easy. I can’t wait for your wedding!

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Meg Belanger


  1. Rachel on January 28, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Meg, you know I’m a sucker for silhouette shots. Well done!! That first image leaves me breathless — so beautiful and romantic.

  2. David on January 28, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Meg, we got the disks today and I am completely blown away with what a great job you did! I’m so excited for Adriane to see them when she gets home. The video was AMAZING! It honestly almost made me cry! Thank you SO MUCH for doing this for us, couldn’t have been done better. Looking forward to seeing you again at our wedding in Sept!

    -David Seed

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