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Once upon a time, there was a girl who didn’t eat fish. Then one day, she discovered the haddock at Coda in Boston’s South End. This girl went from having a polite bite to eating the entire dish!

Chef Charlie Redd converted me with this delicious food. This was the first time I ate haddock and probably the first time I ate this much fish in one sitting. I couldn’t stop. It was served with a butternut squash puree and farro salad and every bit tasted as good as the last. His restaurant, Coda, is this great little place on Columbus in the South End. It’s open for lunch and dinner and it’s definitely worth stopping in! I was there while they were open and the staff knew everyone in the place by name. It just seemed like one of those places where you could become a “regular.” They are participating in the Boston Homegrown book project which also means that whenever possible, they’re using locally sourced food. Yum!

I had to save most of them for the book, but here are a couple of my favorite photos from our session.

Coda, food photography

Coda, food photography

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