Hot Like Wasabi When I Bust Rhymes

Anyone who’s ever met me knows all about my love for It Rains Fishes/Imari Fusion. It is a wonderful pan-asian restaurant that serves amazing Thai food, amazing sushi, amazing Japanese food, and even amazing Korean food. No joke. Doug and I are regulars, for sure. In fact, for a while, we were actually embarrassed to keep ordering. We thought, “These people must think we are absolutely insane!” Oh well. It didn’t stop us. Since we live right near by, we’ve become friends with the staff and always enjoy our experiences at the restaurant. They even have Wednesday Jazz nights and music on Sundays, too. I know, I know, this sounds like a commercial, but it’s not. It’s just that I photographed some dishes for them recently and I wanted to post them. Don’t they look delicious?!

Imari-2 logo

Imari-71 logo

Imari-88 logo

Imari-113 logo

Imari-147 logo

A meal for me is not complete without one of these, a lychee martini. Yum!
Imari-145 logo

All these photos are making me hungry! In fact, it’s actually time to go make dinner. Many more photos, and a few more movie reviews, to come soon!

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