It's Raining Men

I love going to my clients’ houses and photographing their families right after they bring their new little ones home. It’s always such an exciting time! This family had just welcomed their third son.

Three Sons

It’s always fun to see how siblings react to their new baby brothers/sisters. Sort of an “I won’t sit with you, but maybe I’ll poke you in the head to see what your story is” kind of philosophy.
Three Sons

Three Sons

There was absolutely no rain on this gorgeous day but the boys love playing under the golf umbrella. They carried it around and made forts with it. Who am I to say it can’t be in the photo?
Three Sons

Definitely two of my favorites from the day! Quiet time with mommy. I couldn’t choose just one, so you get to see both of them.
Three Sons
Three Sons

Last week was a little disjointed around here. I appreciate everyone’s patience as I get back to blogging and returning emails!

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