the itty bitty bake shop: Call It Impulsive

So, maybe instead of wedding cake or wedding cupcakes or even an ice cream sundae buffet, you want pies! But to keep the runny fruit to a minimum, you want individual-sized pies. Mini pies, if you will. Enter the itty bitty bake shop. You won’t see pies on their website (yet), but one of the best things about small businesses is that they are almost always willing to customize orders! You know the itty bitty bake shop makes mini cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, but you want pie. All you have to do is email Kristi – I swear she’s of the friendly-baker-variety and doesn’t bite. Take a look at these pie creations. Wasn’t writing that email worth it?!

Apple pie made by the itty bitty bake shop, BostonMini apple pie, the itty bitty bake shopMini apple pie slice, itty bitty bake shopItty Bitty Bake Shop apple pieMini apple pie made by the itty bitty bake shop, Boston

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Meg Belanger

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