Jake & Raeanne, Newburyport Engagement: Aim For My Heart


I have a really really big family. It’s so big that after being together for nearly eleven years, the Mr. may not actually know everybody’s names. In fact, I’m not certain he’s actually met everyone. It’s just that big. On my mom’s side, I am the 21st out of 24 grandchildren. And of course, all of my cousins have children. I think I lost count after we hit 50 great-grandchildren and now we’re on to great-great-grandchildren. That’s where this adorable couple comes in! Jake is my (oldest) cousin’s son and Zak is his son, which means my first cousin is a grandfather. That concept both amuses and scares me simultaneously. Now that we’ve got the family tree straight, on to the photos! Jake and Raeanne are getting married this month, but I was already booked on their wedding date. My good friend Lara Kimmerer is going to capture their wedding day, but I still finagled an engagement/family session out of the happy couple. We met up at The Thirsty Whale in Newburyport, which was awesome. Who wants to photograph a family in a bar? I do! Then we walked around town and just made use of the gorgeous scenery. It was about 90 degrees out that day, so being by the water was perfect!

Engagement session at the Thirsty Whale, Newburyport, MA

Family session at the Thirsty Whale, Newburyport, MAEngagement session in Newburyport, MAPhoto of Father and Son in Newburyport, MAJake & Raeanne, Newburyport, MA engagement sessionJake and Raeanne on the steps, Newburyport, MA engagement sessionJake, Raeanne, and Zak on the steps, Newburyport, MA family sessionBaby walking, Newburyport, MA family sessionJake and Raeanne, flower-covered path, Newburyport, MA engagement sessionNewburyport, MA Love Shoot, portrait of Jake and Raeanne

I love that being a photographer means that I get to constantly connect, and reconnect, with people in such a personal way. It was an honor to photograph Jake and Raeanne and Zak and to get to know them separate from all that family nonsense!  And I love a couple who thinks the more photo shoots, the better! Lara also photographed them and you can see her photos here. I can’t wait to see the photos from their wedding day –  I know they’re going to be gorgeous!

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Margaret Belanger Photography | Jake & Raeanne, Newburyport Engagement: Aim For My Heart

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