Larz Anderson Park, Family Session: Go Ahead and Fly

Growing up, it was just me and my brother. Luckily, we had cousins the same age that made for great honorary sisters (for me) and brothers (for him). I would watch my friends with their sisters – sometimes that meant shared bedrooms and hand-me-downs, sometimes it meant rolling around on the ground pulling each other’s hair (you know who you are! ha!) – and wonder what it would be like to have my own sister. I finally got what I always wished for, when I was 16. Even though there’s a big age difference, we still do the things sisters do – shop, laugh, skype, talk about boys, fight over nonsense, etc. It’s so much fun to photograph sisters (really, any siblings), to see their relationships and to capture them on film. Who’s shy, who’s a ham, who’s bossy, who’s girly or a tomboy. When you’re really lucky, you get to see a little of that in everyone.

These little girls were a joy to photograph. We made our way out to Larz Anderson Park for their session and just enjoyed the gorgeous day! They were so adorable. They told each other jokes and danced around and loved being in front of the camera. The older of the two is very interested in photography and kept asking her mom if they could frame the photos. I offered her a part-time job after school, but she didn’t seem so keen on it. Maybe when she’s a little older!
Zoe whispering to Caroline at Larz Anderson Park, BrooklineSisters at Larz Anderson Park, BrooklineSisters dancing at Larz Anderson Park, BrooklineFamily photos at Larz Anderson Park, BrooklineSisters hugging at Larz Anderson Park, Brookline

Right before I took this series of family portraits, I asked each member of the family a question, like “If dad was any animal, what would he be?” When I asked the littlest one what animal her mom would be, she said, “A butterfly.” She told me it was because her mom was so gentle. Then she turned and looked at her mom and said, “I love you, Mom.” It was a pretty heartwarming moment!
Family photos at Larz Anderson Park, Brookline, MA

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