L’Espalier: Happiness Steps Up To Greet Me

A daily dose of food photography! These were taken at L’Espalier in downtown Boston as part of the Boston Homegrown cookbook. Chef McLelland , in addition to running L’Espalier, also runs Apple Street Farm (check out their various CSA programs!). I photographed Chef McLelland first at the farm, and then probably a year later at L’Espalier. L’Espalier is one of those restaurants that’s reached somewhat legendary status – it’s the kind of place my parents went to once or twice when I was younger and it was fancy schmancy and definitely not for me.  However, it has now moved to the top of my list for a special occasion date night place to eat – my birthday, perhaps? Plus, they give you cookies when you leave. Can’t beat that!

Ravioli from L'Espalier, Boston

Detail shot of a ravioli dish from L'Espalier, Boston

Chicken dish, L'Espalier, Boston

(I have noticed that my single vertical photos are showing up a little fuzzy here – or at least the watermark is – I will see if I can figure out what’s happening!)

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