Los Angeles Family Session: Come On And Play My Music

So, although I technically started my business in Boston, I really began my photographer life in Los Angeles. My first true family portrait clients were my cousins in Huntington Beach. They had a baby while I was out there for school and I loved photographing him, and then his little brother. Now, I travel back about once a year and I LOVE photographing my larger Los Angeles family! These two are just the bees’ knees! First off, we did this shoot at like 7:30am, because if you know that’s when your baby is in the best mood, that’s totally when we should shoot! And certainly, being slightly on Boston time doesn’t hurt. Also, early sessions mean awesome breakfasts afterwards! And I loved getting able to capture the special bond between mother and daughter. Totally worth getting up for. Any day, any time zone.

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Margaret Belanger Photography | Los Angeles Family Session: Come On And Play My Music

Meg Belanger