Lost Shaker of Salt

This is another entry for my “Boston Homegrown” book! Last week, I had the pleasure of traveling into Brookline and visiting with Jeremy & Lisa Sewall at their restaurant Lineage. Jeremy prepared two dishes for me to photograph; one featured lobster as the main ingredient and one featured oysters. These are just a few of the many photos I took.

Instead of salt & pepper shakers on the tables, you’ll find these shells. They definitely gave the place a little bit of coastal atmosphere, which is a perfect complement for their seafood dishes.
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It’s amazing how many photos I can take of just two dishes. Honestly. I get so lost in the photography. It’s a wonderful feeling. In my own life, I don’t eat seafood (don’t hold it against me – I am trying to change), but these dishes are like art. The camera puts the perfect amount of distance between me and the food and I can examine it and capture it artistically. That alone fascinates me. Plus, all this food photography gives me the opportunity to use my macro lens! And once again, I encountered some wonderful people. I can’t wait to see where I get to go and who I get to meet next!

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