New Hampshire Newborn Session, Baby A: She Is My Next of Kin

So, I’m a delinquent because I haven’t even blogged this wedding yet, but I can’t help myself – these newborn photos are too cute to let linger on my computer! I have to share them. This little peanut is the light of her parents’ lives. She arrived a couple of weeks early and she immediately made herself right at home, snuggling in with mom and dad. The weird weather the day of our session gave us the perfect excuse to stay inside and get cozy, which is perfect when your photo subject is just a tiny little thing. She did not want to sleep at all (must have a severe case of baby FOMO), but she did enjoy playing in all the different blankets I brought with me! And she loved being cradled in her parents’ arms – only a few weeks in to the whole parenthood thing and mom and dad are naturals. There’s nothing I love more than witnessing, and photographing, a family of two become a family of three. And this little girl won the family lottery! Welcome to the world, Baby A! And congratulations to Mom & Dad! xo

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Margaret Belanger Photography | New Hampshire Newborn Session, Baby A: She Is My Next of Kin

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