Oceanview Nahant Wedding, Amy & Ryan

Ryan and Amy chose the North Shore for their wedding, getting married at the Oceanview of Nahant. As they stood under an arbor of flowers, they exchanged vows with the beach and Atlantic ocean behind them. The Oceanview is a beautiful venue. They have a special room where the bride can get ready. There are even cubbies where bridesmaids can hang their dresses up!

Amy prepped for her wedding day mostly at home. That’s where her hair and make-up were done. When she arrived at the Oceanview of Nahant, she just needed touch-ups, her dress & veil, and some jewelry. Amy actually had her jewelry made (thanks, Etsy!) to match her engagement ring! Ryan got ready at home and arrived at the venue all ready to go! They opted to see each other for the first time at the altar. Ryan definitely shed a few tears when he saw Amy walking down the aisle with her dad. Amy, on the other hand, was all smiles!

It was important to Amy and Ryan to involve their families in their wedding day. Their wedding party consisted only of siblings. Amy’s sister and brother stood up with her and Ryan’s three brothers stood on his side. Amy’s uncle was the officiant. Each mother each did a reading during the ceremony. It was Ryan’s mom’s birthday, so when the wedding cake was brought out, everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to her. And both Ryan and Amy spent some quality time with Ryan’s grandmother, who was the only grandparent in attendance. It was a really special day from start to finish. Celebrations with loved ones carry a different weight to them these days – they feel more joyous and more meaningful. It’s a really lovely thing to bear witness to.

It’s rare that I’m there at the bitter end of a wedding when the couple departs the reception, and even rarer when it happens in delight, so it was an absolute joy to hang out with Ryan and Amy and to photograph them with the Rolls Royce and then be able to watch them drive away. It may have signaled the end of their wedding day, but I have a feeling it was just the beginning of a great lifelong adventure!

Florist: Nunan in Georgetown, MA

Make-Up: Nic Swanson

Hair: Personal Friend

DJ: Friends of the Groom

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