Portrait Pricing


Thanks so much for your interest in Margaret Belanger Photography! Let’s collaborate and create beautiful and fun portraits for your family to enjoy for years to come.

Photographs are meant to be seen and held.

They are not meant to hang out on our computers or our phones where they will inevitably disappear when some system crashes. Actual photos, photos you can hold and feel and see without technology, are a gift we give to ourselves and to our children, and even our grandchildren. If you’ve ever spent time poring over an old photo album, flipping the pages and marveling at what your parents or grandparents looked like when they were your age, you know what I mean! Contact me today for all the details!


Each session is unique because each family is unique.

Your session is catered to YOUR family. Does your child start out shy and then love to ham it up? Does your little one only want to be held? Years of experience photographing children has made me ready to roll with each situation! Your session will last about an hour, but there’s flexibility on either end of that. Children make it pretty clear when they're done modeling! Newborn sessions run a little differently and typically last two hours or even a little more. All sessions take place at a location of your choice – that might be your house, a nearby park, or the beach. Where do you love to spend time together? If you need help figuring out a location, I'm happy to make suggestions!


Family Sessions: Maternity, Newborn, Babies, and Families

To offer you maximum flexibility, Margaret Belanger Photography family sessions are a-la-carte. The session fee for a family session (including the above examples) is $250. If you’re planning to include grandparents and other extended family in your session, the session fee is $350 for 10 or more people. When your photos are ready for viewing, product offerings include custom-designed albums, bamboo prints, specialty enlargements, standard prints, and digital files.


Welcoming a tiny human into your family?

We have a wonderful Baby’s First Year package designed to capture the big milestones in your baby’s first year!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email. I also have a handy FAQ page that might be helpful!