So High, You Got Me Movin'

When I met Kim Marden, he was wearing a Dave Mason concert t-shirt and I knew we would get along! He runs Captain Marden’s Seafoods. I got to visit their wholesale facility where they prepare all the fresh fish before they get sent to the different restaurants. They also have a restaurant & shop in Wellesley. The fish looks pretty good…

I loved the look of this little guy – bright orange on the white ice!
Fish, food photography

I love the jewel-like quality of this fish, especially with the ice.
Fish, food photography

Here’s his face:
Fish, food photography

And another photo of a lobster about to eat my face off…
Fish, food photography

Every morning, Steve from Capt. Marden’s heads up to Gloucester to the fish auction. I saw a million little fish in this building and they never stay longer than a day! I had such a fun day. I definitely had to wipe some fish slime off my camera lens and I even got to wear a hairnet thing!

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