the itty bitty bake shop: Call It Impulsive

Apple pie made by the itty bitty bake shop, Boston

So, maybe instead of wedding cake or wedding cupcakes or even an ice cream sundae buffet, you want pies! But to keep the runny fruit to a minimum, you want individual-sized pies. Mini pies, if you will. Enter the itty bitty bake shop. You won’t see pies on their website (yet), but one of the…

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L'Espalier: Happiness Steps Up To Greet Me

Ravioli from L'Espalier, Boston

A daily dose of food photography! These were taken at L’Espalier in downtown Boston as part of the Boston Homegrown cookbook. Chef McLelland , in addition to running L’Espalier, also runs Apple Street Farm (check out their various CSA programs!). I photographed Chef McLelland first at the farm, and then probably a year later at…

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Verrill Farm: Carry Moonbeams Home in a Jar

For some reason, maybe it was the recent arrival of winter around here, I was thinking about my Verrill Farm photos last night. One of my favorite photos is of Steve Verrill eating the corn – that’s apparently how to tell if it’s ripe or not. I always approve of the taste testing method! Over…

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Boston Homegrown 2011: Have Some More Chicken

Now for some food photography! For most of 2010 and 2011 I worked on a book titled “Boston Homegrown.” I traveled around Massachusetts photographing farmers, fishermen, cheesemakers, and chefs. I got to meet wonderful people who were beyond generous with their time and knowledge. I’ve blogged about a bunch of my adventures, but still have…

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