Lynch Park Senior Portraits, Tori

High school senior girl sits on bench

When I first met Tori’s mom Kim, Tori wasn’t even born yet and I wasn’t a photographer. I worked as a marketing and promotions intern at Eagle 93.7 and Mix 98.5. Tori’s mom, Kim, worked as a weekend DJ. Our paths overlapped when we worked events together. Anyone remember World of Wheels? Fast forward an…

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Winchester High School Senior Portraits

Photo of a boy smiling for his Winchester, MA senior portrait session

Spending time with high school seniors always energizes me! There is so much potential and optimism. I love hearing about their plans and dreams for their futures. Then I totally start talking about *my* college experience like it was yesterday when really it was a million years ago. These Winchester High School senior portraits were…

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Wells Beach Senior Portraits, T: Meet Me In The Crowd

Margaret Belanger Photography | Wells Beach Senior Portraits, T: Meet Me In The Crowd

Most schools “suggest” you go to a specific photographer for your senior portraits, or they make the requirements so specific that it discourages you from going to someone else. But, even if you have to use your school’s photographer for your yearbook photo, there’s nothing stopping you from hiring someone to photograph the senior photos…

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Framingham Senior Session: Here We Are Now

Margaret Belanger Photography | Framingham Senior Session: Here We Are Now

Hockey is a really big part of this family’s life! A couple of years ago, I photographed their older son and his friend for their senior photos. We did the traditional yearbook type stuff, and then had some fun with the hockey jerseys. This time around was no different! And it’s also wonderful to spend…

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