Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

One of these days I will have to sit down with a glass of wine and chronicle my transformation from macaroni lover to foodie (although when asked by Jamie Bissonnette of Coppa what one food I would take to a desert island, I still said macaroni). I can tell you that it started with the Boston Homegrown project and the day I ate the live clam with chef Nuno Alves. Every day has been an adventure since then.

Rich Garcia is the fantastic (and super-friendly) new executive chef at 606 Congress in the Seaport. I got to spend some time with him in January. He did not disappoint as far as food goes – creative, colorful, and delicious!

These are not just any deviled eggs. They are Lobster Deviled Eggs topped with Caviar. Yes, I ate one. Is it me or are eggs just plain amazing?
606 Congress, food photography

But this, this was just delicious. Honestly. This is the dish that inspired the title of this blog post. This is beef heart.
606 Congress, food photography
Obviously you need to get over the mental obstacle of eating heart, but if you can do that, you’re golden. It tasted like really really good steak. I could have eaten a bunch of these little pieces. And it was so pretty to photograph! Chef Garcia served it with beets and some greens and it just looked awesome. I had to reserve a bunch of great photos (of both dishes) for the book, but I couldn’t resist posting these.

So, yes, I moved on to beef heart. And a couple of weeks ago, I ate beef tongue. Where will it end? What do you think will be (or has been) the craziest thing I eat? And did anyone actually expect ME of all people to become a foodie?!

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