Wellesley 90th Birthday Session: That Syncopated Gaited

My Aunt Betty turned 90 in November and all of her children and grandchildren came home to celebrate! They came from California, Montana, Colorado, Maine, New York, and some came from right down the street. While everyone was in town, they wanted to honor the occasion with some photographs. We had to reschedule only once when a couple of people got sick, but we managed to make it work. That is dedication! We did all sorts of family breakdowns, and we had a gorgeous autumn day for it.

With the grandchildren.Wellesley, MA portrait of a 90 year old grandmother and her grandchildrenWith her daughters.Wellesley, MA family portrait, 90 year old mother with her daughtersThis little guy requested this photo. How awesome is that?!A Wellesly, MA portrait of a 90 year old grandmother and her grandsonAnd here are some of the individual family photos we captured that day.A Wellesley, MA family portrait with 90 year old grandmotherA Wellesley, MA portrait of a 90 year old grandmother with her grandsonsA Wellesley, MA backyard family portraitThese two had actually eloped right before coming home for the 90th Birthday Extravaganza, so the photos we took that day are essentially their wedding portraits!A Wellesley, MA backyard portrait of newlywedsWellesley, MA family portrait of parents with two little kidsPortrait of parents and their daughter taken in Wellesley, MAI was so very very thrilled and honored to be part of the festivities. As you may have figured out right now, I’m a family kind of person, so any opportunity I get to hang out with mine (especially the parts I never get to see) is particularly special. Now I just need to plan all these cross-country trips so I can visit everyone!

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