Wells Beach Family Session: The Colors Slip Into the Sky

This family wins for being my “lives farthest away” family. Some of them live in Hawaii and some in Santa Barbara, but we all started out together in the same MA town. Every summer they come back to spend some time in Wells Beach. I love that people who live in two of the most beautiful locations in the US travel all the way back to Maine for vacation! That is some Maine love right there, and I know how they feel! Traveling to Maine for a family session isn’t my usual, but I love driving up every year to memorialize their family tradition. Through our annual sessions, we’ve watched the family grow, starting from when the oldest was just one! Now there are three little girls. The coastline may stay the same (to the naked eye), but the kids change every year –  taller, less teeth, more teeth, more talking, and the occasional cartwheel. The adults never seem to age! Funny how that happens.

*I chose the title song lyric because a) I believe that’s what happens when you watch the sunset, especially over the water, and b) because for some reason I have a distinct memory of listening to it (probably over and over again) at their house when we were kids. I also remember their very fancy tiny Apple computer, but that doesn’t have anything to do with anything other than it’s a neat little memory packaged up in my brain where maybe my grocery list should be.

Grandparents deserve a photo, too, and I love the connection in this one. As much as I love a nice family portrait (I mean, I take them all the time), I appreciate what a caught moment like this tells us about the people in it.

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Margaret Belanger Photography | Wells Beach Family Session: The Colors Slip Into the Sky

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